The Samsung Galaxy Player has hit Amazon UK ready to battle the iPod touch for your PMP pennies. It’s got an estimated launch date of January 7 but you can slam in your preorder now for either an 8GB Samsung Galaxy Player for £150 or a 16GB Samsung Galaxy Player for a very reasonable £180. Read on for all the details…

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While the Samsung Galaxy Player lacks the Retina Display beauty of the iPod touch there’s full Android Market skills and support for codecs that Cupertino turns its nose up at including Ogg Vorbis, Flac, XviD and DivX. You can also simply drag files on to the Samsung Galaxy Player, it has DNLA skills along with a rather lovely looking 3.2in colour display and best of all a microSD slot and changeable battery. If you’ve always wanted a highly hackable Android media player, well, it’s arrived!

Out January 7 | From £150 | Amazon

  • Chris Gwilliams

    Liking this, can see it only appealing to people without Android phones though.

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