Best iPhone apps of 2010

There have been tonnes of apps that have made our library of best iPhone apps this year but we’ve whittled them down to a solid 10 that top the most important category of apps for your iPhone. Hit the list after the break to see the 10 best apps revealed by our ongoing best iPhone apps search during 2010…

Best iPhone app: games
Infinity Blade
Of course there have been lots of excellent games in the running for a spot in the best iPhone games list but Infinity Blade which emerged in early December takes the title as best of the year. It looks glorious, is incredibly good fun to play and is evolving with new armour, weapons and achivements arriving all the time.

Best iPhone app: photography

As with iPhone games, the iPhone photography app category is a packed field. One of the best iPhone apps this year was Instagram. It’s a killer combination of social networking smarts and photography fun with its selection of filters actively encouraging you to look at the world with fresh eyes.

Best iPhone app: Twitter

Another late entry in the Electricpig best iPhone apps library, Smartr changes the way you look at Twitter giving you the content behind the links shared by your Twitter contacts in a brilliantly simple feed that’s easy to share on sites like Tumblr. We were earlier converts to Smartr and predict big things for it in 2011.

Best iPhone app: audio

Now the thing is, VoiceDJ isn’t perfect but it’s one of those apps that really makes you iPhone seem magical. The app allows you to play songs from your iTunes library and build playlists using voice commands alone. It occasionally gets confused by English accents but it seems to learn as it goes along.

Best iPhone app: productivity

There is one true king of productivity apps among the best iPhone apps and its name is Evernote. A brilliant combination of desktop app, web app and iPhone app, Evernote allows you sling audio, pictures and text between all three with everything totally searchable. It’s like an extension to your brain and once you start using it you’ll be addicted.

Best iPhone app: video

One of our favourite apps in the best iPhone app pantheon is iMovie. The best of Apple’s own apps, it has just kept getting better and better. With iMovie and an iPhone 4 it really is a doddle to turn your hand to a bit of amateur movie directing on the fly. It takes mere minutes to whip up a pretty professional looking clip.

Best iPhone app: lifestyle

A great way of pulling together memories, Momento is one of the best iPhone apps going for keeping track of all the digital content you make. It pulls your blog posts, tweets and other social media hoohah into one combined journal which puts automated data alongside your own notes.

Best iPhone app: communication
Kik Messenger

Given a real kicking by RIM, Kik Messenger is a cross platform IM client that plays nice with Android and iPhone with Blackberry out of the lopp while Kik and RIM kick off in the legal realm. We love it as a smart way to unite the smartphone tribes.

Best iPhone app: news
Pulse News Mini

Among the best iPhone apps there are many ways of getting your news but Pulse News Mini is one of our favourite. It pulls together your favourite news sources in a very visual way. Well worth grabbing as a companion to Pulse Reader, its bigger iPad brother.

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