Best gadget adverts of 2010

2010 has been another vintage year for tech and gadget adverts. We’ve seen everything from imaginary phones to non-existent controllers. Here’s what we think are the best gadget adverts of 2010

Windows Phone 7 – ‘Really?’

We aren’t entirely convinced that saying your phone is easy to ignore is going to be quite the marketing masterstroke Microsoft thinks it is, but this is a still a cracking ad that may just cause you to take a good long look at yourself and the way you (over) use your gadgets.

Mozilla – ‘Seabird Concept Phone’

An odd one, this. An advert for a phone that does not – and probably will never – exist. Despite this, it is probably the ad that most made us drool this year. – ‘Clutch bag’

This ad for Microsoft’s very own search engine Bing perfectly captures what it is like being in a public place with someone who has recently started using a mobile web device – i.e. bloody annoying.

Microsoft – ‘You are the controller’

We actually felt a bit let down by the tiny bit of game footage that pops up near the end of the ad for Kinect as it almost seems to ruin the brilliant concept. Just focusing the camera on the players shows exactly what the motion sensing system does – it makes you the controller.

Apple –  ’Facetime’

Any of the above ads could flog a gadget to people like us, but this rather heart warming ad from Apple managed to flog the iPhone 4 to Nans. That’s class.

Hot chat, right here!

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