We’ve seen plenty of juicy news stories this morning, ranging from smartphones and apps to seriously awesome hacks. Read on for them all right here in our lunchtime lowdown news roundup. Let’s do this thing.

First up, the Apple TV jailbreak community’s come good with a brilliant new hack that lets you play almost any video file format on your tiny little set top box, which is a big step towards making the thing vaguely useful.

Online meanwhile, Foursquare unleashed a serious revamp for location addicts, and Google rolled out a curious new browser – to search yourself.

Finally, staying with Google, we checked out the best Android apps of the week, just in time for Christmas.

PS Don’t forget to check out our ultimate guide to the Sony Ericsson LiveView. It’s a Dick Tracy watch with a twist – it works, it’s real, and you can have one!

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