Still reminiscing about the mystical adventuring antics in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2? Cross your fingers and hope for a sequel because Eidos boss Ian Livingstone OBE says he wants it to happen.

In an interview with Electricpig, Eidos Life President Ian Livingstone said: ”There are two titles I’d like to see make a comeback. One would be Gangsters. Another one would be Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver,”

Legacy of Kain, which also appeared on the ill-fated Dreamcast before its PS2 sequel has remained a much-fancied franchise but has yet to be given the kiss of life by developers. Gangsters, which appeared on PC, slightly less so but it seems to have won a place in Livingstone’s heart. Which of the two would you like to see most? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • bensillis

    Gangsters? That game was awesome! I'd completely forgotten about it though, it's been so many years. I wonder if there's much place for that sort of game now when everything is so console focused today?

  • Jawadiwad

    Would love to see a new Legacy of Kain series. Such great story-telling has been overlooked by many, and deserves a chance on latest generation consoles/modern gaming PCs.

  • Leizår Graven

    Legacy of Kain, obviously.

  • Hisamekuze

    I want a new Legacy of Kain!!!!No more Tomb Raider,no more Kane & Linch!!!

  • Jessica Merrow

    LOK! LOK! LOK!

  • Silverseid

    LOK 4 life yo

  • Videogameslayer


  • TheCraigus69


  • Judas

    Legacay of KAIN!!! n//

  • Chrisr1982

    Legacy of Kain!! Many have signed petitions to get the sequel released but its fallen on deaf ears. I for one have not bought a single Eidos nor Crystal Dynamics game since I heard they cancelled it in favor of Tomb Raider. I refuse to buy another one of their games until the final installment is released! I even bought original mint condition copies (at great expense) of all the series (Blood Omen 1 and 2, Soul reaver 1 and 2, and Defiance) on BOTH PC and PSX/PS2! They left us on a cliffhanger and cancelled it? Its like pulling the finger to the loyal franchise fans so refuse to put any money their way until they give us the final installment.

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