Virgin Media crushes the Internet with 100Mb broadband serviceBlazing fast Internet on your holiday wishlist? Well then, you’ll be happy to note today’s announcement from Virgin Media detailing the rollout timetable of its ultra-fast 100Mb broadband service. Pre-registration starts today, do you have a need for speed?

Like our main man Goose from Top Gun said so well, “goodness gracious, great balls of fire!”. That’s exactly what you can expect when you are surfing the web at a blistering 100Mb with Virgin Media’s new broadband service. This significant milestone is just one example of the company’s next generation network and opens up a tremendous world of possibilities that broadband can enable.

Tech jargon aside, what does 100 Mb Internet connection actually mean when it comes time to downloading? How about an entire music album in just five seconds; a TV show in 30 seconds; a standard definition movie in one and a half minutes or a high-quality (HD) movie in seven minutes. Now that’s what we call a need for speed!

We’ve spent enough time focusing on the download, now it’s time to break down the upload. Clocking in at 10Mb, you’ll have no problem sharing your high definition video streams or hosting a game server. Heck, you could even share a handful of Slingboxes and still have bandwidth to spare!

The new 100 Mb package from Virgin Media comes with a custom built energy efficient modem and Wireless N router. The hardware packs a punch, with support for up to 400 Mb service when it rolls out in the not-too-distant future. The full 100 Mb roll out will be completed by 2012, but if parts of London, the South East and Yorkshire are now live.

If you decide to opt in for the pre-registration today let us know. We can’t wait to try the 100 Mb package on for size ourselves, but we’d love a heads up if you beat us to the punch. Let the games begin!

Out Now | £35/month (with phone line) | Pre-registration

  • DSJ

    I can rubbish this claim of 100Mbit as users will only get about 10% of what they are actualy paying for! I know as I am still waiting for them to deliver 20Mbit which is a less then 2Mbit at the hour of need!

    • javakiko

      Prove it, I have 50Mb & get a solid 48-50 constantly, fibre optics not phone lines, that's where the speeds never match the hype.

  • John

    Pre-registration would be nice but it's broken.

  • syddel

    I have the Virgin Media 20Mb service and I'm getting the 19-20Mb consistently. I can't wait for the 100Mb service :P . Most of the time I post comments it's to complain about products and services, but credit must be given where credit is due, and this is one such occasion. I'm extremely pleased that the upload speed will be vastly improved, as this is the only thing about the Virgin Media broadband package that I can complain about.

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