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Tumblr is now back up and running after an enormous outage that sent the site down for around 24 hours on Sunday. There’s no news on what caused the outage yet, but Tumblr tweeted: “This has been a slow painful recovery, but we’re almost through. We’ll have more info to share as soon as we can post to our blog again.”

Tumblr left almost 7.5 million users out on the cold, and admitted that it is growing at a rate it was not able to cope with. On the Tumblr blog, founder David Karp said: “While you might feel like you’ve gotten used to seeing errors on Tumblr recently, know that this is absolutely unacceptable to our team, and unacceptable for a platform determined to be the best place in the world for your creative expression.

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“Frankly, keeping up with growth has presented more work than our small team was prepared for – with traffic now climbing more than 500M pageviews each month. But we are determined and focused on bringing our infrastructure well ahead of capacity as quickly as possible. We’ve nearly quadrupled our engineering team this month alone, and continue to distribute and enhance our architecture to be more resilient to failures like today’s.”

Has the Tumblr outage made you think about porting over to another provider? Where will you go, or why will you stay? Drop us a line and tell us!

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