Get your free Google Chrome OS notebook!Google Chrome OS might still need some work before an official release, but that’s not stopping the search giant from rolling out a Chrome OS pilot program! Part of that program includes issuing free 12.1 inch notebooks powered by Chrome (model Cr-48) — want your chance at a free notebook?

The Cr-48 notebook being distributed by Google as part of their Pilot Program packs as a 12.1 inch display, full sized keyboard, oversized clickable trackpad, world-mode 3G, 802.11n dual band WiFi and a web cam for video chat. Taking a page from Apple’s playbook, the Google notebook packs over eight hours of active use and eight days of standby.

In the major Chrome event this morning we learned that Google is not ready to take Chrome primetime, but early adopters can apply to take part in the pilot program and receive a free Google notebook. We’ve submitted our application, now it’s time for you to do the same!

Apply Here | Google | Free

  • Kevin Barclay

    Why is it only for the US :(

  • Mike

    It's US only!

  • Ben Webb

    Chrome OS powered netbooks are not for everybody. There are 65K available but may be only for close friends of Google. The prime Chrome OS may be available mid next year for certain laptop models made by Acer but I hope they will also run on older models.

  • kenwen

    Wonder how much they'll be going for on eBay in a few months?

    Real shame that they missed Christmas as, with the right marketing, this is the “computer for mum and dad” – bloat free, simple software, automated updates.

    Will save me getting tech support calls from my mum at 11pm :)

  • Adam

    I've applied even though I'm in the UK. Why not, no harm in trying

  • Jimmy C

    Ridiculous how it's only for the US. Legal Schmegal im sure google could forget about the legal stuff so the UK can get it too. It's Just Not Fair!

  • Dreamsayer

    toc says they will not send it to a non US address…

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