Amazon Kindle for Web to battle Google eBooks?Amazon has announced Kindle for Web, a cloud-based solution which brings your book library to any web browser and turns any website into a Kindle bookstore. With the announcement from Google this week, outing Google eBooks — the cloud is the new frontline in the war for book sales, is Amazon ready for battle?

Kindle for Web began back in September when the concept was born. Gartner analyst Allen Weiner called the service a “natural evolution” for Amazon’s ebook strategy and quite frankly, we agree. The official release of Kindle for Web allows book purchases of Kindle books through various web sites offering them and also allows reading the full book, not just samples.

Google’s eBooks and eBook store also allows purchasing and browsing across a variety of device, namely the millions of Android smartphones around the world. With Amazon’s Kindle application well established on major mobile platforms, PC, Mac and now web browsers, they now offer the full spectrum of services.

Despite Amazon Kindle’s reported 50 to 75 percent share of the e-book market, Allen Weiner believes that Google “is a clear threat to Amazon, however, because Google can support many more devices than Amazon”. To the contrary, James McQuivey, an analyst at Forrester believes that “in the long run, Google eBooks may just convert more people to e-reading who may then go on to buy a Kindle”.

The battle for the e-book market is stronger than ever. Amazon has the years of experience selling goods online and provides a solid return policy combined with Amazon customer service. As a Nexus One owner who had warranty issues that fell to deaf ears at Google and T-mobile, I can see the strong value in sticking with Amazon instead of Google.

The real question is who will win the war in e-books? Is Google eBooks prepared to battle Amazon Kindle for Web? Who will be the last service standing in the next five years? Let us know what you think!

via ComputerWorld | Amazon

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