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Kinect has maxed out 2.5 million sales since its launch less than a month ago on US shores, and on 10 November over here in the UK. That’s a darn sight faster than the iPad, which took 80 days to hit the 3 million mark.

This means Microsoft has got just over 50 days to shift another 500,000 Kinect units, and it will be outselling the iPad. That looks likely, given that there’s still the busiest weekends of Christmas shopping to come.

Considering the iPad has been dubbed the “fastest-selling gadget of all time” that’s quite some going. Bravo, Microsoft.

Do you think Kinect will outsell the iPad? What’s a better product? Click through to drop us a line in the comments!

  • Beryl Smith-Johnson

    Odd comparison. Next up is Boiled Sweets Outsell iPad….

  • Sam Jones

    yeah this is a strange comparison. if the iPad was only £129.99 i'm sure it would sell a lot more too.

  • RJ

    Not an odd comparison…the actual comparison is fastest selling gadget of all time…not kinect vs. ipad. If the Nintendo DS (just as an example) was outselling the iPad, then the the DS would be mentioned instead of the Kinect. It's taking into account “gadget” sales, without breaking gadgets down into categories…simple, no?

  • Johan Ekblom

    Feel cheated. Android G1 sold more phones than Kin 2 = WP7. Show sales figures Microsoft. I think it is a flop when they do not sell more than Android did with just one phone

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