merger of tmobile and orange ukT-mobile and Orange UK have announced a plan to test six new retail stores that will be dual branded with both company identities. Surely a first for the mobile industry, but is this the right move for the carriers or did they miss the mark?

It’s confusing enough when two carriers such as T-mobile and Orange UK decide to intermingle their businesses. Back in early March when the EU Commission cleared the merger of the two providers we weren’t exactly sure what the future held for their collective 29.5 million customers.

Rather than kill off a brand, the new plan is to test these six new retail stores with dual branding. For the trial, three T-mobile stores will have an Orange concession inside to showcase the best offers, plans and devices from Orange. Likewise, three Orange stores will do the same for T-mobile plans, products and services. Within the window of each store both brands will be “firmly displayed”, but the host brand will take the overall lead.

In other related news the networks parent company, Everything Everywhere is also opening up three Orange franchises in time for Christmas trading following the successful Orange franchise pilot in Bridlington ran by Shebang. These new Orange franchises will be run by local entrepreneurs who has successfully ran franchises in the past.

So now that we have these six test stores intermingling T-mobile UK and Orange UK branding and services what does this say about the future of the two carriers? Is anyone else confused by the whole fiasco or is it just us? Drop us a line below and let us know what you think about the move and if you have a better solution we’re all ears!

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  • Stickygeko

    im an existing orange customer and my contract ends in Jan 11, now Tmob are offering a far better deal than orange(even with loyalty) id prefer to jump to TMOB uk, but they dont honour orange loyalty, surely theyre the same co, diff brands, surely they should be able to honour discounts as theyrisk losing me altogether as i may opt for 3uk as they have some cracking (pardon the pun) deals…. any insight or has anyone any further news ?

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