Our Advent Vega review is coming very soon, but there’s still time for you to have your say and shape it to your satisfaction. Got any burning questions you want answered about this low price Android tablet? Whatever they are, just click on through and leave them in the comments – a video unboxing awaits you after the break.

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Out Now | £250 | Advent

  • Dman

    Please review/test/show the viewing angles in portrait mode, for use as book/comic/magazine reader. Every android 10″ tablet so far seems to fail quite badly. Many Thanks

  • Guest

    does it support any sort of bluetooth keyboard /mouse?
    does it support usb keyboard / mouse?

  • Serious_Maybe_Buyer

    1. How loud does the speaker volumne go (is it loud enough to watch video in a car without headphones?)

    2. What's the real-world battery life when watching videos? (Car use again!)

    3. Will it connect to wi-fi via ad-hoc mode (so I can piggy back a 3G connection off my phone using JoikuSpot)?

  • Spiker5

    Can you put any pay as you go sim card in to the slot to use 3G ? Thank you.

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