pre-orders for the nokia e7 are currently available at expansysMark your calendars, the Nokia E7 is set to release on January 10 with pre-orders starting today over at Expansys. At launch the Nokia E7 will be the most expensive Symbian device on the market — are you ready to pony up the bill?

Priced at £584.99 on pre-order, the Nokia E7 is poised to be the company’s Symbian flagship with a tough-to-stomach price tag. The device is arguably the N8 minus the camera, but adds a sleek QWERTY keyboard and larger screen to the mix.

At this point it remains to be seen if Nokia’s announcement that the E7 would ship on December 10 holds true. What we do know for certain is that the device will cost nothing short of an arm and a leg and that Expansys will not receive their units until January. So what’s it going to be my Symbian confidants — pre-order today or hold tight and see if the price drops?

via Unwired View | Expansys

  • Michael Douglas

    I can't wait to have this Nokia e7. I always been a fan of Nokia phones so I always collect what new gadgets are releasing. I will surely wait for that one.

  • ddingbat

    Expansys are always high priced, relative to the market, even when products are finally announced. Check out their price for almost anything that is truly available now. This price will plunge – not that I have any inside knowledge, but Nokia cannot hope to get much more than £460-£480 SIM free, given what they are charging for the N8.

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