MySpace unveiled the latest of its new looks today but is that simply too late? Akira The Don, friend of Electricpig and self-made musical phenomenon (alright, that was a bit of sucking up – we want our own theme song) has quit MySpace with a biting blog post and even harsher video which you can see if you click through. If a man with 7000 friends and at least one song on 500,000 plays has bugged out, what hope has MySpace got?

Visit and you’ll get…nothing. The Don doesn’t have good news for Rupert Murdoch: “Just thinking about MySpace makes me twitch. I hate that place. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it.” In case you haven’t realised – he hates it and it took him over a week to get his MySpace page killed.

Such is The Don’s hatred for MySpace, he dubs it “a gateway to the world of wrong”. Perhaps that could be the new MySpace catchphrase. While we have no definite figures to go on, we suspect a good number of musicians are hopping ship from MySpace to new vessels of self-promotion.

With the newly rebuilt Facebook groups and Facebook fan pages plus Soundcloud and a growing selection of other services, MySpace is starting to look decidedly dull. Enjoy Akira The Don’s kiss off to MySpace above and let us know: do you think even more musicians are set to ditch it?

Out now | £free | Akira The Don

  • Jarod Lasiter

    hey get the fuck over yourself. Myspace is free .I been here 6 years and have enjoyed myself. Fuck off to facebook like the rest of the monkeys till you puke on that.Nobody is ever happy these fucking days . I have facebook and it is decidely very different. Musicians come on these places becuase they need to have fans worship.Some of us nobodies are here becuase we are nobodies. If you cant dig it anymore fuck and shut up about how bad you think it is.It was okay once so face it .YOU HAVE CHANGED and have been swallowed up by facebook.

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