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Advent Vega unboxed: photos and video!

We brought you the first Advent Vega unboxing courtesy of a reader yesterday, and now we’ve got our own to give you the full review treatment. You’ve been clamouring for this high spec, super cheap Google slate, so you tell us: what do you want to know about it? Read on, see the unboxing, and tell us!

We’ve run down what the Advent Vega is like to use in our Advent Vega review: First look, and we’ll be letting you know if the company has delivered in our full review in just a few days. In the meantime, here it is coming out of its packaging, which comes with a headscratching diagram of the tablet, and the warning in inverted commas that the “Image is for illustration purpose only”.

Still, the Advent Vega is the main attraction here, and we like what we’re seeing so far. It’s surprisingly light, and the physical screen orientation lock by the power button is a relief, after we mourned the loss of it on the iPad with this week’s iOS 4.2 update.

Can it cope running Android 2.2 without any of Google’s core apps though, like Mail and the Market? Read our full Advent Vega review, coming soon, for the answers, and help shape it by jotting down what you need to know about it in the comments below!

  • Rockinit69

    Can the Vega stand up on its own to be a netbook replacement when out and about? Cab you get openOffice on it? Can you download files to it, can it be ipdated through wifi without the need to sync? Is it as smooth to operate as the iPad? Does it do more than an iPad? If you had this, a netbook and an iPad, what would you use most for day to day tasks? Vids, photos, music, email catching up on work snippets etc?

  • Cmit

    How easy is it to get Google Market installed on it? Has it been hacked to work with the Market yet? Does it come with any Market already installed?
    How smooth is BBC iPlayer and 4 OD? Does it play a wide variety of movie formats and how well?
    Can you connect and use a usb flash drive? Can you connect and use a USB mouse and keyboard?
    Is the screen usable in portrait mode?
    How good is the screen viewing angle when tilting the Vega in landscape mode away from you?
    How long will the battery last when growing the web with wifi on?
    Is the wifi connection reliable? Can you connect and disconnect it over a few days to see if it will re-connect? My previous G1 and current Galaxy S both have problems “getting ip address” after a few days of reliable connection.

    I bought an iPad when DSG kept on delaying the Vega with the intention of selling it when a decent Android tablet computer comes out. I don't mind tinkering to get something working well but it has to be reliable once it does. I would also happily trade the smoothness of the iPad for the freedom of connecting external data sources to a tablet and flash. However the hardware can't be 50 percent poorer quality.

    So – is this the slightly cheaper in terms of hardware iPad replacement for me?


  • QLF

    Does it have a native email client? What's the real-life battery usage like? (Not “it runs the A-Team 3 times and still at 50%!). What's the hackability rating? i.e. – Will i be able to get market place and Gingerbread on it? Speaking of which, what's the current marketplace like? and can i side-load apps easily? Any lag when running apps? especially wondering about flash (e.g. BBCiPlayer / myp2p.eu). What's the native browser experience like? Particular reference to google maps and GPS usage. Are there any accesories available or planned? Finally, whats the video / sound experience like? What format's are supported and hows the 1080p playback using the HDMi out? Sound any good / sound abke to be passed to the TV?

    Thanks guys!

    P.S – Any tips on where and when to buy one? Seriously disappointed at the way it's currently being released? Driving me crazy that they ran out of stock before any made it in to store and allowed me to test one!

    • Jenniferlucyallan

      QLF, thanks for all your comments, there's stock available online now, the second batch has arrived online to PC World, Dixons and Currys, and we're being told that stock will be available this weekend in PC world and Currys megastores.

      • QLF

        Thanks for the heads up Jennifer – They must be releasing these 5 at a time or something!! Just checked and all three websites state “Sorry! This item is not available”.

        Fingers crossed I make it to one of the Superstores, before the crowds i'm sure will be gathering round the country!!

        • Jenniferlucyallan

          Wow, I checked stock just before i replied to you QLF, and they're gone again already! I'm beginning to wonder whether Advent could have dealt with such high demand, no matter how hard they tried.

          • QLF

            lol – they could have just sent me one directly! I guess that Apple have the financial clout to have massive production runs, and Advent do not. They couldn't have guessed that this device would have been such a massive hit, although it would be nice to see some filter through to stores so I can have a play before i buy! Understandibly they're selling online first – reduced cost to them, but I'd really love to get my hands on one ASAP!

  • Ooss

    Can you get Skype (voice) running on it (appreciate video is future-rev Android).
    Can you access the battery?
    Does it boot without SDcard – what is the real story with memory, is the card the only disc space or is there some of the internal 512Mb free?
    Does it have any fans/active cooling? Or is it quiet?
    Is it car chargeable? What s the DC voltage of the supplied charger (over 12V makes car charging more of a challenge).
    Can you plug an externally powered HDD into the USB port? Or pendrive? Or 3G dongle?

    • QLF

      Looks like they're saying USB is single funtion only at the moment, and used to connect to a PC. They are “investigating if we can auto-switch the USB port to allow both syncing and connecting USB drives” – Check out #AdventVega on twitter!!

      Also now on v1.04

      • Ooss

        Dropped into a PCWorld today: they have a slot on the tablet counter with price tag for it but no stock. The man said they were supposed to ship last week but were pulled and he doesn't know what is happening. Amusingly enough the “bundled with 3G dongle” brochure has it in – “Free with a 3 dongle subscription”. Couldn't work out how much 3 subscription you have to buy to get the Vega free. Equally amusingly the brochure says original price £229 (although display tag says £249) – will be tempted to go for the bundle package then cancel the 3 sub if they cant get it to work?

    • Ooss

      Something else I would like to know – what is the story with a SIM card slot? I know the Advent man/video said something about January – what is not clear to me is whether that will be a different hardware version or he is dependent on Android support? Does your version have a SIM slot anywhere? And is it wired (electrically) so there is some hope that firmware/software upgrades will deliver a result?

      • bensillis

        No SIM slot on this one Ooss I'm afraid.

  • Mark

    As of 1700hrs this evening the PCWorld / Dixons MegaStore in Merry Hill told me they would be available instore in another 2 weeks…Not good enough I say.

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