It’s “the holidays” Stateside and that means crazy savings everywhere – even on this side of the pond. Casual gaming overlords PopCap have just made a lot of peoples’ days by slashing the price of their PC and Mac titles by a fulsome 50 percent.

That means you can download the likes of Peggle, Plants Vs Zombies, Bejeweled 3 and Zuma’s Revenge! for $9.95 rather than the usual $19.95. That’s about £6.25 down from £12.60 in pounds sterling. Sadly the iOS versions of PopCap titles remain at the usual prices.

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PopCap is one of the companies that’s banished the stigma surrounding casual games. Nobody who’s played Peggle or Plants Vs Zombies can deny how quickly these games gain a terrible hold over you. And yet you can still play them without feeling the deep, deep and deserving shame of a Farmville addict.

From $9.95 | PopCap Games

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