angry birds 2 is coming to the xbox 360 ps3 and wiiIt’s official, Angry Birds 2 has been confirmed by Rovio CEO Peter Vesterbacka and not just for your mobile device. At the Virtual Goods Summit in London, Vesterbacka revealed that Angry Birds 2 would be making its debut on the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii as well.

Vasterbacka hinted that the second game in the Angry Birds franchise is currently in development, but he did not confirm whether it will be a sequel or a prequel. He did mention that the, “we want to surprise people. No one has told the store from the pigs point of view”. Assuming the pigs are the focal point of Angry Birds 2 it seems more likely that this will prequel the current game.

Angry Birds 2 will be the focus for the team at Rovio very soon, but not until after they take the first Angry Birds to the world of multiplayers. A multiplayer version of Angry Birds, “like old school Worms games” is currently a top priority for the team. Before we get a chance to learn about the pigs and their power struggle with the birds in Angry Birds 2, Vasterbacka wants to solidify the franchise.

While bringing multiplayer gaming to the first Angry Birds is a top priority, Rovio is even more focused on taking Angry Birds social. With most of the company’s investment going towards making a Facebook game, rest assure there will be no shortage of red, blue and yellow birds in our future — at least not unless you severe all ties with the Internet.

Angry Birds 2 might be a little farther off than we initially expected given Vasterbacka’s new expectation. During the Summit he was even quoted as saying, “the aim for angry birds is to be bigger than Tetris”. At this point in the game’s life span we think theres a few million fans who would agree. Anyone else excited about Angry Birds multiplayer or on gaming consoles? Or is Angry Birds 2 the only version you’re waiting to see?

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  • Ben Stiller

    Game consoles are for hard core gamers and not for light gamers. Angry Birds is a light game and is seen as just perfect for mobile phones. Unless of course they make it more complicated to play and get the attention of hard core gamers.

  • T.A. (Tim) Walker

    I'm hoping they'll port Angry Birds (1 and/or 2) to the DS – then my daughter won't need to keep borrowing my N8 :-)

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