Steve Jobs predicted iPhone and iPad in 1985Cofounder and head honcho at Apple, Steve Jobs, has quite an impressive set of product launches under his belt. The latest of his creations, the iPhone and iPad, have changes the way we think about mobile phones and arguably use the Internet. But, did Steve predict the iPhone and iPad way back in 1985?

The year was 1985, Back to the Future was king and many afternoons were spent day dreaming about a time when we too could gun our DeLorean to 88 mph. In a valley south of San Francisco, a place we like to call Cupertino’s camp, Steve Jobs had managed to go from designing Atari games to partnering up with Steve Wozniak and turn a hobby into a 1.4 billion dollar revenue stream.

Fast forward 25 years and Jobs is an industry icon, selling millions upon millions of iPhones, iPods, iMacs and iPads each and every quarter. One has to think that Steve Jobs had an inside scoop — that he knew back in 1985 the future would depend on being mobile.

Looking at an old interview in Playboy magazine Jobs said, “the developments will be in making the products more portable, networking them”. The iPhone and iPad thrive on being mobile. They thrive on battery life which allows hours upon hours of surfing the web, playing games and being – mobile.

1985 was a much different time. Computers were on slowly being adopted, yet Jobs remained focused and provided even more insight into the future when he said, “getting out more communications ability, maybe the merging of the telephone and the personal computer”.

If the iPhone and iPad are not perfect examples of merging the telephone with the personal computer, I don’t know what is. The Apple II saved the company in 1983 when sales increased from $583,000,000 to $980,000,000. Today the sales of the iPhone and iPad are the core of Apple’s business and Jobs’s premonition of “making products more portable” will continue to foreshadow the future.

So what do you think? Did Steve Jobs hit the nail on the head back in 1985? We’d reckon he had the road map of portable and mobile technologies spot on.

via Playboy

  • Angusmcbagpipes

    Quick correction… The MacIntosh increased the revenue in 1983, not the Apple ][. The Apple ][ was released in 1977 (ish).

    • mjtomlin

      The Macintosh wasn't released until 1984. Sales of the Apple ][ may have jumped due to the release of the Apple ][e in 1983.

  • Oilcrash

    In 1974 Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle published a story called “The Mote in God's Eye.” In it the characters used hand held computers that had wireless connections to large networks. They sounded a lot like iPhones.

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