Now that the flurry of excitement over Windows Phone 7 is over, and the verdicts are in for all devices, we though it about time to pit the three HTC devices against one another in a stat clash. Are you thinking of buying a HTC Windows Phone 7, but can’t decide between the big screen of the HTC HD7, the budget HTC 7 Trophy or the HTC 7 Mozart? Click through for a full stat clash of all three Windows Phone 7 HTC devices…

We said the stand out feature of the HTC 7 Mozart is its aluminium unibody, which means there are no seams, and it’s just a cool, solid lump of tech. The HTC HD7 trunped even this though, with simpler, straighter lines that meant it presented itself as more minimal, and classier too. The HTC 7 Trophy, being the cheapest of the three phones, doesn’t disappoint though. In review we found its slim body and soft touch plastic battery cover “a joy to hold”, with pleasing ergonomics.

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The HTC 7 Mozart has a 3.7 inch touchscreen, and the HTC 7 Trophy has a slightly bigger 3.8 inch touchscreen. The HTC HD7 trumps both, with its whopping great 4.3 inch touch screen. All have 480 x 800 resolution, meaning that the 3.7 inch HTC 7 Mozart should be a touch sharper than the others, although it’s a nominal difference it shows. We found the HTC HD7 screen to be “washy”, with the black leaving a lot to be desired. It was repsonsive and sharp, just lacked a little in colour, as did the HTC 7 Mozart and HTC 7 Trophy, which could be down to the fact they all pack S-LCD rather than AMOLED. However, the HTC DEsire HD has an S-LCD screen, and we found it to positively pop with colour.

The HTC HD7, with it’s edge-to-edge expanse of screen, is 122 x 68 x 11.2 mm, in comparison, the HTC 7 Trophy is 118.5 X 61.5 X 11.96 mm, and the HTC 7 Mozart clocks in at 119 X 60.2 X 11.9 mm. Unsurprisingly, the most compact is the phone with the smallest screen, the HTC 7 Trophy, but the HTC HD7 is the slimmest by a pinch. Weight wise, the HTC 7 Mozart weighs 130g, the HTC 7 Mozart 140g, and the broader shouldered HTC HD7 162g.

Camera and video capabilities
The HTC 7 Trophy and the HTC HD7 both have 5MP cameras with 720p video capture. The HTC 7 Mozart is the one to watch here though, as while it’s packing the same 720p video capture, it’s also got a bumped up 8MP camera complete with Xenon flash and autofocus.

Under the hood and extras
All have 1Ghz Snapdragon processors, which we found super speedy, and could handle everything we threw at them, and there’s also Dolby Mobile and SRS surround sound in all three devices too. In terms of extras, it’s worth mentioning the nifty kickstant the HTC HD7 has, for watching movies on the go. All the HTC Windows Phone 7 devices have HTC extras to differentiate them from other Windows Phone 7 devices, which tend to be very similar. It’s called the HTC Hub, and carries basic HTC widgets like stocks and the weather. It doesn’t add much though, and opens as a third party app, and is no competition for HTC Sense, the skin on its Android devices.

The HTC 7 Trophy and the HTC 7 Mozart both have 8GB of storage. That’s just about the bare minimum that Microsoft will allow on a Windows Phone 7 device, and there’s no option to bump it up either, as there’s no MicroSD. If you;re after more than this though, the HTC HD7 is available either in an 8GB model or the super sized 16GB model, but again, there’s no expandable storage.

The purposes of each of the devices is clear from the specs. If you’re an on the go snapper, the Xenon flash and extra megapixels the HTC 7 Mozart is packing is what you need. If you’re after watching movies on the go, then the dinky kickstand and broad screen on the HTC HD7 is perfect. If you want a well-specced smartphone that’s got everything you’ll need, but won’t break the bank, then the HTC 7 Trophy is the one for you.

Are you going to go for a HTC Windows Phone 7 smartphone? Which one? Drop us a line in the comments and tell us why!

  • Mustafa

    there is a typo at the end of the size paragraph when stating the weight. 2 mozart weights are given.

  • Dale

    i just bought the htc hd7 as the mozart ws sold out every were and for only hving it one day i really like it all i need to do is sort out my tarri so i can get the internet anywere i was a bit confusied about the music as i download and used zune to put music on i got it about after an our lol i just put my downloaded music into the music folder as it was in the downloadeds i got the 16gb model but thanks for telling me about the other models thnks

  • Paul_burrows1986

    HD7 all the way.
    Internet usability is the most important thing for me besides making calls, and hence screen size is the key stat.

    For music – you can't beat a dedicated MP3 player.
    For photos – you can't beat a dedicated camera.

    These things are just nice-to-have features on a phone – that can be handy when you don't have a camera or MP3 player with you – but until engineers work out how to build a nuclear reactor into a mobile phone, they'll never have enough battery life to replace these other devices.

    I'm going to buy the HD7.

  • google

    This is the best mini review I have found to date – I am so much clearer now on which HTC has what – event he HTC site doesn’t seem to make it that clear. I could not previously work out if only the HD7 did 720p video.

    Not sure how filming stuff and storing it within 8GB would affect the rest of the phones performance? At some point I would expect the phone to dtart crawling?

  • Anonymous

    The review says “Unsurprisingly, the most compact is the phone with the smallest screen, the HTC 7 Trophy” – does this not mean the Mozart, since it has the smallest screen?

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