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The Hannspad, Hannspree’s Android Froyo tablet, first popped up at IFA, and now it’s back again, in an (almost) final version. Electricpig popped down to the opening of the first ever Hannspree store in the UK to take a closer look…

The Hannspad runs Android Froyo 2.2, but has a Hannspree UI over the top, which means that it does look different to your average Android Froyo interface. This is most noticeable in the “portlets” page – three customisable widgets. It’s Wi-fi only, and has a 10.1” capacitive touchscreen. When we saw the Hannspad, the screen was less than responsive, but this could have been because we weren’t seeing a shop-floor ready version of the software: there are still tweaks to be made.

The Hannspad has a microSD slot, HDMI output, headphone jack, and 16GB of internal memory. It weighs 750g, and battery life is eight hours. Under the hood there’s a Tegra 2 chipset.

It’s hitting the shelves of the Hannspree store, plus Carphone Warehouse, at some point in December, but Jordan Popov, Hannspree Product Manager, said that if there’s anything he’s not happy with, he’d rather “lose Christmas sales than have bad publicity. We don’t want the same kind of problems as Toshiba”. Which, from a consumer perspective, is very reassuring.

The Hannspad is priced at £349, almost the same as the Folio 100, but could be priced lower than that when it arrives at the Carphone Warehouse. Next year there’ll be a 3G version, and versions with cameras, according to Popov.

Here’s our video demo of the Hannspree Hannspad with Popov…

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