Boxee Box unboxed!

UPDATE: Our full Boxee Box review is now live. Check it out!

The Boxee Box is here! This little media streamer has just rocked up at our doorstep, so before we hit you with a full Boxee Box review, we thought we’d unbox it on camera for you. Read on to see it unpacked, and tell us what you’re dying to know about it!

You probably know all there is to know about the Boxee Box by now: we’ve been following it for almost a year since it was first unveiled. It’s a oddly shaped media streamer that plays just about every video format under the sun, and comes with the option to play loads of Flash video on the web too, neither of which the new Apple TV can do.

We’re going to be giving it a full review very soon, but in the meantime, check out the Boxee Box coming out of tis packaging in the video below, plus the gallery pictures. So far, it’s proved spectacularly smudgy, but we’re sure we’ll forgive it when we turn the thing on.

Is there anything you want to know about the Boxee Box? What UK IPTV services it supports? What performance is like over Wi-Fi? Where the on-demand movies are at? Whatever you want to know just drop your queries in the comments here and we’ll let you know for our full Boxee Box review.

  • Zedthegreat

    You can by a nettop PC for little more and install Boxee on it. Is it worth getting this instead and is there a difference in Boxee on the box and Boxee on the PC? Also what is available to view and how easy is it to find? My limited experiance of Boxee has been a massive pile of unsorted programs.

    • bensillis

      It's a very good question Zed, we'll let you know!

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