SMS Text Messaging Coming to GmailThe worlds of email, instant messaging and SMS text messaging are on the cusp of consolidation according to Google Labs. Packed away nice and neat in a blog post by the Gmail team, the company announced they are working diligently to deliver SMS text messaging from within Gmail.

The option to send text messages from within your Gmail account is currently available with the new Labs feature. Previously, a Google Voice account was needed in order to send a text message through Google services, but alas this is not the case anymore.

Starting today simply login to gmail, go to your settings, go to the Labs tab and scroll down until you see “Text Messaging (SMS) in Chat”. A quick click to enable and save the changes and you are off to the races with some free text messaging. You’ll want to keep in mind that any text messages sent through the service will show up as area code 406, which for us geeks spells G0O (short for Google).

Sure there’s plenty of apps for your smartphone which can deliver free SMS messaging, but given the ridiculous amount of time we spend managing our Gmail accounts, what better way to increase productivity than to text message in the same interface.

If you are looking for a real world example of how this feature might come in handy you need not look further than a standard IM conversation. Many times when logged into Gmail you’ll have contacts who are only temporarily checking their email and then quickly signing off. Rather than reaching for your phone, why not click on that contact and send them a SMS.

The conversation effectively continues offline while you remain seated nice and comfy in front of the Gmail interface. Even better, sending that text message will not cost you a penny. It’s hard to turn down a free meal and we certainly won’t be turning down some free SMS text messaging.

Available Now | Gmail

  • Stuart

    This doesn't seem to have the UK as an option to send the message to.

  • Tom Murton

    Ghana, Israel,, Kenya, Nigeria, Palestine, Sengal, US and Zambia…. yeah not exactly a great choice of places is it!

  • Carsten Knobloch

    The Google post was written in 2008 ;) Check the Date…..

  • Darren

    Not much use here in the UK is it

  • Rdrgz_ash

    Ughh I dnt get how 2 put this in my account! Help!?

  • Melis Hanes

    hey chris how are you

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