Minecraft is an indie gaming phenomenon with 500,000+ player signed up while it’s still in alpha (see our Minecraft review to see what all the fuss is about) and it looks like someone decided to capitalise on that. Minecrafted, a Minecraft iPhone app, turned up on the iTunes App Store in the early hours of this morning giving access to the free mode of Minecraft straight from the handheld. Awesome but utterly unconnected to Notch and the rest of the team behind Minecraft.

It’s not surprising then that Minecrafted got shafted pretty quickly and has now been pulled from the iTunes App Store. The Minecraft iPhone app was clearly in violation of copyright. Still, we’d love to see an official Minecraft iPhone app soon. Fingers-crossed Notch agrees.

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  • http://twitter.com/mindvirusgames Trevor Wilkin

    I removed it from the app store myself shortly after it went live. An incorrect release date meant it saw day light much sooner than ever intended…. I'd hoped to update whilst in communication with the official team.

    • Tffty

      Such bullshit!

  • 33_mhz

    I would think an app would be a bad idea at least until the game is finished, and even then, I wish games would stick to a platform.

    • Goof245

      Are you kidding? This would be awesome :-)

      OPs can login anywhere ^_^

      • 33_mhz

        Sure sure, an app that lets OPs control things remotely would be 1) legal and 2) easy; there are already admin mods around server-side that let you control it from any web interface. But running the whole game would be much more buggy, hard to control, and resource intensive. Notch already has problems with memory management, and as the game progresses, I want it to become hugely expansive, not bogged down by iPhone system specs. The number of possible items/elements right now is capped somewhere around 50,000, for example. That ain't gonna fly on an iPhone.

  • WP

    @Trevor Wilkin can't you give us an beta for those who jailbroken their iphone/ipod/ipad

  • http://www.facebook.com/icselator Silvio Eusebio

    very fake. no one noticed it?
    look at the screens.

    antialias on iphone?
    different fonts, different tilesets, no videos present in youtube
    more fake than this is impossible.

  • http://twitter.com/Suernoep_Max Willi Wonka

    Would be great if someone got the IPa ;(

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