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Facebook has announced its new messaging service, the one we heard rumour about last week, codename Project Titan. It deals with email, IM, and SMS all in one place. Click through for more details!

The new Facebook messaging has a simple “Social Inbox” that works a bit like the Gmail Priority Inbox. In your main inbox there’s only messages from your friends and the friends of friends. A second section of the inbox channels messages from pages that you’ve liked, or groups you’re a member of, the idea being that you don’t get any “unsolicited emails”, i.e. spam. Hoorah!

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There’s no way to plug in your existing inbox, but Facebook says that this is coming, all in good time, with IMAP support due to haul in e-mails you’ve been receiving for years.

The goal is to make the service feel like a conversation, by simplifying communication. There’s three key features to the new Facebook Messaging: messaging across multiple platforms, including texts; conversation history across all these platforms and the social inbox that should mean no more spam.

Zuckerberg said “This is not an email killer, this is a messaging system that includes email as one part of it. We don’t expect anyone to wake up and shut down their Yahoo or Gmail account… what we think is happening, is that people have shifted to simpler communication.”

The new Facebook messaging system been a year in development, and because infrastructure-wise it’s such a big deal (more engineers worked on this than any other new Facebook feature), it’s going to be rolled out slowly over the next few months, starting off with an invite system.

Want an invite, or happy to wait? Drop us a line in the comments and let us know!

  • Luca Cerica

    i want an invite :D

  • YakyPeanut

    An invite would be very nice!
    …although I'm not about to start mapping my current in-boxes in to it. I like having a desktop client where 'physical' files of the message are downloaded so I can store them. I just want to try it out!

  • Ben Stiller

    Of course, they don’t expect people to slash away their existing email accounts as it is needed for Facebook login, not unless they do away with that requirement. Also, they will be getting data from non FB users who communicate with users who use their email system. That in effect is like having 500 million users collecting data for you.

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