Problem: you can’t afford a set, scenery or very much else for your promo video. Solution: Brian Blessed in front of a filing cabinet in your office. That’s what TomTom has done anyway, to push its competition to find the next voice of TomTom. It was a good call on a low budget, and everyone loves a bit of booming Blessed action.

1. Brian Blessed blowing a raspberry. (00:51)

2. Brian Blessed shouting Va Va Voom. Twice. (01:29, 02:18)

3. Brian Blessed letting rip with his almighty vocal chords without being prompted. (00:13)

4. Brian Blessed giving us instructions for Twitter. (01:02)

5. Brian Blessed smoothing down his unruly eyebrows. (00:05)

The competition is to find the new voice of TomTom. If you win, you’ll also get a Renault Megane (with built in TomTom of course, but no Brian Blessed). To enter, go here and tell a traffic story, that follows the rules as elucidated so well by Blessed. Here’s the full video of Brian in front of a filing cabinet.

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