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The Boxee Box is the media centre software maker’s first ever set top box, made in partnership with computer hardware giant D-Link. Priced at £199.99, this strangely shaped media streamer packs Wi-Fi, Ethernet, HDMI, USB and SD card slots, and will support just about every video codec under the sun. It also allows for streaming of HD Flash video from the web through Boxee apps. Continuously updated.


Boxee Box official!
The very first official details on the Boxee Box.

Boxee Box UK price revealed
See how much this Apple TV battler will set you back.

Boxee considering own brand set top box
We broke the news that Boxee is planning a set top box a full year ahead of the announcement.


Boxee Box review: First look
We get hands on with the Boxee Box in the UK for the first time, and take a look at the apps you can get your hands on this sode of the pond.

Boxee Box review
Has the Boxee Box been worth the wait? Find out in our full, in depth verdict.

Boxee Box review roundup
Is the Boxee Box the darling of the gadget meejah? Find out here.


Boxee Box hands on: keyboard remote spotted
We get to grips with the Boxee Box in the flesh for the very first time at CES 2010.

The Boxee Box has porn! (NSFW)
‘Nuff said.


Boxee Box unboxing
Check out the Boxee Box coming out of its, um, box. On video!

  • Kenspeirs

    I love the shape of the box, something different. I'm struggling to decide between this, apple TV or just wait for the new YouView to co e out as in the UK we don't have NetFlix or any of the other options that they do in the states and they never seem to support the UK tv catch up channels…

    • bensillis

      Trust us, you don't want the new Apple TV. It has nothing in the UK. We'll let you know about the Boxee Box in our review though don't worry!

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