Right then, shall we get things started? Today’s news is about to start pouring in, but before it does, catch up with everything you might have missed overnight, right here in our techie breakie roundup.

First up, Microsoft Kinect has finally gone on sale in the UK today, but yesterday we gave readers the chance to try it out early at our second reader inquisition. See what they made of the motion controller here!

Turning to tablets meanwhile, we also heard some more rumours surrounding the iPad 2 – as well as word that filming for an iPad 2 ad had rapped, we looked at a large capacitive touchscreen that’s glove friendly and could make its way into next year’s models.

Finally, the fallout from the launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops continues. We caught a comedy glitch on video, asked if you queued at midnight and put up a bounty for anyone who sends us their review of it.

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