So Google locked Facebook out of Gmail. Now the social network is steaming mad and spewing its upset into the comment threads on Techcrunch. Facebook platform engineer Mike Vernal has come out swinging on the tech gossip hub, telling the world that Google ain’t as open as it likes to claim…

Responding to the Google putting up the fences and forcing Facebook to hack its way round Gmail restrictions, Vernal says: “Openness doesn’t mean being open when it’s convenient for you. On Google’s website,, Eric Schmidt says: ‘How do you be big without being evil? We don’t trap end users…’ How does limiting user choice honour this commitment?”

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Vernal goes on to say that Facebook has been consistent in its own policy (that’s a matter of opinion) and to ask that Google reverses its decision to block Facebook from easily using the Google API.

In this tech playground bust up, who are you backing: Facebook or Google? Or like a teacher frustrated by fighting toddlers would you send them both to the naughty step?

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