Samsung UE46C8000 3D TV review Samsung UE46C8000 3D TV review

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Samsung UE46C8000 3D TV review

There’s no denying it: the Samsung UE46C8000 is a creature of astonishing beauty, seeming to hover in thin air like a slim silver blade, yet offering a window into a 3D world of rich textures, vibrant colours and infinite depth. Whether this is all smoke and mirrors or indeed a true evolution in TV watching, perhaps only our Samsung UE46C8000 review will unveil…

LED TVs are outstanding not just for picture quality but also for how wafer thin they’ve become and the Samsung UE46C8000 is one of the slimmest yet at just 23.9mm. In fact it’s so narrow that most of the inputs have to be slotted round the edge as there just isn’t the room to fit them comfortably on the back.

It's so thin, the slots have to go on the side

In an age when virtually every TV is supposed to have a jet black surround, the Samsung UE46C8000 goes against the grain with that coolly sophisticated silver metal bezel and matching quad stand. However, while the stand is weighty and firm and swivels relatively smoothly, the TV can still rock along its access, so take care when plugging it up.

And there’s no shortage of inputs into this 46″ giant – no less than 4 HDMI points, 2 Scarts, 2 USB, Component, Composite, Ethernet, headphone and DVI audio, plus Digital Audio out and a CI slot for paid channels. The only drawback with the set’s super-slimness is that several of the inputs need the supplied adaptors to make them fit , which bulks up the cabling area behind the Samsung UE46C8000.

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Having Wi-Fi connectivity available to the Samsung UE46C8000 (albeit, meanly, via a separately purchased dongle rather than built-in) not only means you can share all of you own videos, music and photos but have access to Samsung’s own Internet channel that provides everything from YouTube to its own app store. We can’t say they’re all utterly compelling, but it’s always nice to have the option.

The silvery smooth remote for the Samsung UE46C8000 matches the TV and it’s a breeze to glide through the menus and endlessly tinker with picture colour and quality thanks to the Wide Colour Enhancer Plus technology. Colour accuracy is consequently remarkably accurate, although there is a noticeable dimming when you try too hard for perfect blacks.

The star feature, though, is the 3D quality which is set to blow your socks off. Depending upon which retail outlet you buy the Samsung UE46C8000 from, you should demand at least one pair of active 3D glasses. The quickest way to get into 3D mode is via the remote and then scrolling across the various options, which include Line by Line, Side by Side, Vertical Strip and Checker Board.

The remote lets you choose 3D mode

3D Blu-ray movies are thin on the ground at the moment, so you’ll spend most of your time using the 2D-to-3D setting on the Samsung UE46C8000 which fully utilizes the TV’s native LED brightness, 1920 x 1080 resolution and Samsung’s 3D HyperReal engine to create a superb sense of depth. An added bonus is the Motion Plus feature that lets you individually limit the amount of blur and judder created when playing fast acting FPS games or watching Bruce Willis movies.

Fancy watching Avatar to see if those flying sequences were just as breathtaking as you remember? You’ll soon be yee-haaing with the best of them. There’s even a Depth setting which will adjust the focus in the frame as well as a Smart LED function to automatically adjust the degree of backlight for each scene. There are times when the 3D is affected by ghosting or weaker quality at wider viewing angles but if the Samsung UE46C8000 is your first introduction to 3D TV, then, seriously, what are you still waiting for?

  • Matt Flicker

    Managed to pick one of these up for £995 last week. Amazing TV!

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