Google has fired another shot in the Google/Facebook war. Mark Zuckerberg slammed Google over the Facebook Android app earlier this week, now Google is making moves to block Facebook from accessing its Google Contacts API – that’s Gmail out of bounds for Facebook…

Google has tweaked the Terms of Service for its Contacts API. Now, sites that use it will need to offer access to their data to Google too. Facebook doesn’t do that, so it looks like the ability to bring Google Contacts into Facebook is about to go the way of the dodo.

Facebook has never allowed users to export their contact information. They launched a Facebook data download feature recently but that only gives you a list of contact names, there’s no contact information there.
The Google/Facebook war is getting bitter and the users will be the ones that lose out.

Out now | £free | Google/Facebook (via Techcrunch)

  • dothash

    I'd give up everything facebook for more things google anyhow.

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