So Windows Phone 7 has a kill switch just like Apple has primed in iOS and Google popped in the guts of Android. It’s not a great surprise that the facility is there but Microsoft has been rather quiet about the feature during the great Windows Phone 7 promotional whirlwind.

Microsoft says the Windows Phone 7 kill switch will allow software controllers to kill certain apps and remotely remove software from handsets if they pose a security or privacy risk. So if there’s a Trojan hiding in a Windows Phone 7 app, the kill switch should allow Microsoft to get it swiftly.

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Both Apple and Google have the similar facilities available to them to kill malware or shutdown apps that break their guidelines. Microsoft won’t reveal precisely when the Windows Phone 7 kill switch could be flipped but says it’s most likely to be in cases involving privacy and security issues.

Let us know: does the idea of kill switch in your favourite mobile OS make you feel more confident or would you rather not have your phone meddled with remotely?

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  • Daymo

    If you stick with the likes of Palm and WebOS They have no kill switch for apps or ability to brick the phone, they seem to be kinder to users.

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