Earlier today we got a walk through with the Toshiba Folio 100 that was announced a few months ago, and we first got our dirty mitts on at IFA. Today we saw finally saw the Folio 100 with final software loaded up and ready to go, including all the Tosh Froyo extras. Click through for the full video…

As well as a run down of the Toshiba Marketplace (which will be launching with “a couple of thousand” apps, according to European Business Manager Graeme Simons), and the boring-but-very-useful Toshiba File Manager app we also got a look inside the Toshiba Folio 100 and its replaceable battery. The Toshiba Folio 100 is available from today, at Dixons for the next there weeks, before it hits Tesco, Staples and John Lewis.

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Out today | £330 | Dixons

  • http://twitter.com/utrt Graeme Simpson

    I just popped into my local PC world and Currys. PC world had space and a little banner saying tablets coming soon with pictures of the Tab. Was able to ask for a demo of the Tab but no workers around so gave up and left.

    Went next door to Currys

    They had a tab and a Folio pretty well hidden way on a shelf to play with.

    The Tab is better than expected but NOT EVEN Close to being worth £500. For the size of it I was amazed they put it into that price bracket.

    The Folio was (sorry to any new owners) HORRIBLE! I see what people mean about the viewing angle. The shelf the unit sat on meant you couldn't see the screen without picking it up and tugging on the security cable. I was awaiting the screaming alarm at any point.

    Fuzzy screen, looked really soft and it appeared sluggish when moving stuff around.

    Might have a great name behind it but this would put me off buying a tablet. Samsung got the crispness right and the feel of the unit but the Tosh really missed a beat with that area.

    Just my thoughts

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7IXJGF4Y2BBW7RV4ENSQHA6BEI Benny*

    this man really sells it……

  • BillyBobbins

    Electricpig, please try and raise the quality of these little previews a little by investing in a tripod and a mic for the mumbling presenter!

    Proper question, is it worth the £ over the Advent Vega, cos £80 difference to have 8gb internal ram seems a bit steep?

  • chris

    They have launched it without flash! we will have to wait for an update, got it home and opened the box to find a leaflet telling me to register for an update! What a poor show and Toshiba are not sure when it is coming.

  • http://twitter.com/beond richard bown

    waiting to see if the Vega (with lots of un-necessary phone bits stripped out) performs better for less dosh.
    The Folio I played with in PC World at the weekend (after finding is cowering in a corner near the digital photo frames!?) was ok, but as with android if you have a demo unit out and people play with it without a decent task killer on it, it's going to be sluggish.

    I rebooted the one in PC World and it ran acceptably quickly for me, but with no media files on to try (duh? dropped ball) it was difficult to tell.
    FYI I also tried a 16GB MicroSD card in an SD adapter and it wouldn't see it as a drive either.

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