Morning all! We know most of you will have been asleep while our Microsoft Kinect coverage went live, but not to worry: we’ve got it all rounded up for you right here, along with the rest of the headlines you might have missed from the last few hours. Read on for them all!

First up, there’s no escaping Microsoft Kinect. But why would you want to? Read our Microsoft Kinect review and you’ll find out why we’re smitten with the Xbox 360 motion controller. We’ve also got full reviews of all the biggest launch titles, like Dance Central, Kinect Sports and more, so be sure to check out all our Kinect games coverage too.

Elsewhere in gadgetry meanwhile, Facebook announced big thins on mobile. It’s updated its Facebook Android and iPhone apps, and made Places and logging in much more universal and simple.

Finally, we pitted the HTC Desire Z Android phone against the Motorola Milestone 2. See which wins in our stat clash!

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