Annoyed by the Facebook Android app? Well, Mark Zuckerberg thinks he knows who to blame and it isn’t Facebook. He says Google is behind the issues with the app. The reason it doesn’t match up to the rather more polished Facebook iPhone app? Google snapped up the developer…

Mark Zuckerberg branded Google taking control of the Facebook Android app developer “obnoxious” during yesterday’s Facebook Mobile Event. He explained that the Facebook Android app had been contracted out and Google grabbed the developer before the updates to it were done.

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Facebook says its now building future updates to the Facebook Android app in house which explains why it’s just had a major overhaul this week.

Hit the comments and let us know what you think of the Facebook Android update. Does it finally do the job?

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  • Nick Thomas

    The new update doesn't even work! I just get a 604 error every time I open it and it tries to retrieve my notifications :(

  • EntrepreNerd

    That is classic Facebook, as if they are in any position to talk about Google poaching. Pot kettle black much?

  • Silvano Maffeis

    I recently moved from Blackberry to Android. I’m happy with the move, except for the Facebook app on Android which really really sucks, compared to the Blackberry one

  • Vcrach

    it’s still shit

  • Vcrach

    it’s still shit

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