James Bond eBooks are on the way. Ian Fleming’s classic spy thrillers are hitting the UK tomorrow in handy eBook form. The 14 titles from Casino Royale to more recent creations will be sold through major retailers including Amazon for the Kindle and Waterstone’s and will set you back the same as the cheapest James Bond paperback. But what we’re really interested in is…what’s the best James Bond eBook pun you can come up with? Click through for the ones we’ve come up with so far…

So here goes:

Dr Nook The Living Backlights
Live And Let DiPad
A ViewPad To A Kill
Golden iPad
On Her Majesty’s 3G Service
The Spy Who Converted Me Into An E-reader Compatible Format
Casino royalties in a 70/30 split with Amazon

We reckon we’ve had a good go with our James Bond eBook puns but we’d bet you’ve got some better ones to unleash on us. Hit the comments and tell us!

Out tomorrow | £varies | Ian Fleming

  • Westwood

    I think this is the lamest thing you have ever done, whoever though of this should get the sack

    • mic

      I'm quite tickled by the fact that some lame puns has made you this angry. Are you OK Westwood?

    • James Holland

      I though of it. I also thought of it. Some of the puns are mine too. What's up, couldn't ink of any to add?! :D

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