Google Docs is set to a series of cool new features according to a message sitting pretty in the code. Bold as brass it declares: “Coming soon: third party applications, cloud printers and sync devices”. That seems pretty clear but that short list promises to make Google Docs even more handy…

Google Docs cloud printing will allow apps on any device to print your cloud docs. Google says: “Apps will no longer rely on the local operating system and drivers to print. Instead, apps…use Google Cloud Print to submit and manage print jobs.” The Cloud printing smarts will hit Google Docs when Google Chrome OS launches.

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Currently you can sync Google Calendar, Google Contacts and Gmail but Google Docs is set to get those smarts too. It’ll make it possible to pull your docs, spreadsheets and presentations down to a device, make changes and sync those changes to the file resting safely in the cloud.

Finally, Google Docs will get support for third party apps which means a whole load of new functions will be opened up. Much requested features like photo editing, video editing, PDF editing and ZIP file extraction are all likely to be added through third party apps, most likely available through the Google Chrome web store.

Let us know: what other features do you want Google to add to Google Docs?

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