Microsoft Kinect

Microsoft Kinect, formerly codenamed Project Natal, is a motion sensing camera for use with the Xbox 360 console. Doing away with physical controllers, Microsoft Kinect tracks 48 points of movement on the human body to transform gamers’ bodies into working controllers. Microsoft Kinect also has the ability to recognise individual players and their voices thanks to its built-in voice recognition. Microsoft hopes Kinect will transform the way we play games and introduce a new generation of casual gamers to the Xbox 360. Continuously updated.


Kinect UK launch date revealed
Find out when you’ll be able to play Xbox 360 games using just your body.

Microsoft Kinect games: first titles revealed
Want to know what you’ll be playing come launch day? Head this way.

Sky Player to get Kinect controls
Microsoft Kinect isn’t all about gaming. It’s also a multimedia remote control.


Microsoft Kinect review
Find out if Microsoft Kinect is everything we hoped for.

Kinect Sports review
Is this a lame Nintendo rip off, or genuinely genius?

Kinect games: launch line up tested
See what we made of all the Kinect games we got to play before launch

Microsoft Kinect review: Reader inquisition!
See what Electricpig fans made of the Xbxo 360 motion controller.

Kinect UK first play: impressions and photos
Months ahead of launch we got to play with Microsoft Kinect for the first time. What did we think? Find out here.

Kinect launch game first impressions
A flurry of launch games will arrive on release date. Did they leave a lasting impression on us? Find out in our first impressions.


10 reasons why Project Natal will be better than Wii
Will Microsoft Kinect be ‘better’ than the Nintendo Wii? It has all the ingredients to be.

Natal: 10 reasons why it will never replace a proper controller
Microsoft hopes that Kinect will be a revolution in gaming. But will it ever replace the traditional control pad?


Xbox Project Natal blows Wii away with full-body motion control (with video)

Microsoft Kinect gets its world premiere at E3, wowing the gaming world with a live demonstration. This is where it all started. Watch Kinect being showed off for the first time.

Natal video gender detection skills revealed
Microsoft Kinect is capable of recognising individual players, and even genders. How? Take a look at this video and all will be clear.

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