With all that went on in this tech week we wouldn’t blame you for missing anything. With that in mind we’ve compiled a list of all the hottest news morsels to appear on Electricpig this week. Read on for the biggest stories you’ve missed.

This week we’ve got the latest developments in the iPhone 4 saga, the success of the Amazon Kindle, a possible end for Flash, word on the London Underground getting Wi-Fi and not forgetting the first shots of the PSP Phone.

Acer Liquid Metal Android Froyo gets all official
It used to be a rumour, now the Acer Liquid Metal has been made official. The smarthphone has a 3.6-inch display, 800MHz processor and 720p video shooting skills.

London Underground getting Wi-Fi
This is big news! But is it good news? A six month trial will at first only include one station – Charing Cross. It won’t work on trains yet though, just on the Northern and Bakerloo line platforms.

Vodafone beats Orange for customer satisfaction
So says a YouGov poll, which asked iPhone users if they’re satisfied. Orange came bottom. The future’s not so bright then.

Kindle eBook sales spanking print books
That’s what Amazon claims. Although Amazon declined to compare sales figures on non-bestselling print books to their Kindle eBook versions.

HTML 5: Is this the end for Flash
Adobe showed off a tool for building HTML 5 graphics and animations. Is Adobe admitting that Flash is dead?

PSP Phone leaked
The web was ablaze this week after photos of the PSP phone landed. They’re supposedly real mock-up shots, though Sony has, as usual issued a ‘no comment.’

Garmin prepping free sat-nav for iPhone and BlackBerry?
Looks like the free Ovi Maps service for Nokia smartphones will have some competition on other handsets.

Farewell white iPhone 4?
The white iPhone 4 was snatched from all Apple online stores. Will we ever see it?

Spotify scotches Apple takeover rumours
“We wouldn’t normally comment on this kind of speculation,” a spokesman said, “but we want to make it clear that we have absolutely no intention of selling Spotify.” That;s that then, for now.

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