Digital photo frames are boring, right? Not so the Nikon NF-300i, which rides the 3D wave by converting your standard 2D snaps into three popping-out dimensions – and there’s no need to slap on a pair of plastic specs.

The Nikon NF-300i delivers its 3D content via glasses-less lenticular technology, which lets you view 3D photos and videos on the 7.2-inch 800 x 600 screen without the need for shutter or polarising specs. You’ll need to be no more than a metre from the screen, though.

The 2D-to-3D conversion requires that users subscribe to Nikon’s “my Picturetown” online storage service – around £15 per month. That’s on top of the price of the actual Nikon NF-300i, which you’ll have to essentially rent for the equivalent of £150 a year. Absolutely bonkers.

The Nikon NF-300i also features Wi-Fi and Ethernet, plus USB for getting your shots on there. Oh, and it runs on Android 2.1. It’s only available in Japan at the moment, and we wouldn’t be surprised if it stayed that way.

Out TBC | £TBC | Nikon (via Gizmodo)

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