Google has released a teaser video that shows a new sculpture being erected outside the company’s Mountain View headquarters. This can only mean one thing..

The YouTube clip entitled “We’ve been baking something” shows a team of eager Googlers (we are fairly sure this is what you call Google employees) arriving at the head office in Moutain View, California in a white van.

The van is unloaded to reveal a plastic wrapped gingerbread man, about three meters tall. The Googlefolk unwrap him using their Leatherman multitools and he is then positioned on the front law, next to the other Android sculptures – the giant Eclair, enormous Cupcake, et al.

Basically, this is just a cute way of announcing that Android 3.0 – aka Gingerbread – is being prepped for release. The big Frozen Yogurt statue popped up a couple of months before Android 2.2 (Froyo) appeared, so we reckon Gingerbread should be here in time for Christmas or early new year.

The new version of Google’s mobile OS is said to contain a complete user interface overhaul, with the intention of limiting the customisations that manufacturer’s need to make and providing a more unified look and feel for Android devices.

Coming Soon | Free | Android (via Fonehome)

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