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Twitter Windows Phone 7 app hits the Marketplace

An official Twitter Windows Phone 7 app just rolled onto the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace to make amends for the lack of tweets in your People hub. Naturally, we loaded it up on our HTC HD7 and gave it a whirl: read on for photos and our first impressions.

We said in our review of Windows Phone 7 that the lack of Twitter integration in the otherwise solid People hub could prove a bugbear – and the only other Twitter options we’ve seen so far, Twitt (Crazy crashy) and Seesmic (Occasionally crashy) aren’t comparable to Twitter for Android and iPhone.

But the official Twitter Windows Phone 7 app has just hit – it’s free, fast, and a whole lot better than either, so far as we can tell. We’ve not had any of the sign in problems others have been reporting, and once in you swipe through your timeline, mentions and messages like any other Windows Phone 7 app. There is the problem of jerky kinetic scrolling which we’ve seen with a fair few third party apps, but it’s still responsive.

You can have multiple accounts, but you can only switch between them, rather than see them all in one stream, but the killer feature of the Twitter Windows Phone 7 app is simply that links open up in the Internet Explorer browser (Windows Phone 7 has a problem with multitasking), which certainly beats a cramped in-app view of a web page as you get with Twitt. Once you’re done, hitting back takes you straight back to where you were in the Twitter app. Whew!

It’s a pity that that the Twitter live tile on the homescreen is rather static, and even more so that Twitter can’t integrate into contacts like Facebook and Windows Live. But this is still the best option for tweeting obsessives on the platform so far: we’ll be testing it out a bit more but this looks like a dead cert for our Best Windows Phone 7 apps Top 5.

The Twitter Windows Phone 7 app is free to download from the Marketplace now, and should work with all Windows Phone 7 handsets. Not got a Windows Phone 7 handset yet? Click the image above to see the whole gallery of photos.

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