Samsung Galaxy Tab review: What do you want to know?

UPDATE: Our Samsung Galaxy Tab review is now live! Go check it out for all your answers.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab doesn’t go on sale until next month, but when have we ever let a little thing like a release date get in the way of a good gadget? We’ve got one right now, here in the UK, and we’re throwing the floor open for questions right now. Read on, see the first video and tell us what you want to know for our Samsung Galaxy Tab review!

We’ve landed our very own Samsung Galaxy Tab here in the UK, so naturally we whipped it out on camera for a quick play. So far, everything seems snappy and responsive, but never mind what we think -let’s hear what you think.

We’ll be setting loose our Samsung Galaxy Tab review in the next few days, and to help shape it, we want you to send us your questions. All you have to do is drop them in the comments below, or send us them at, or drop us a message through @electricpig on Twitter. Basically, all the ways we outline in the video below. Anyway, enjoy!

  • Geoff

    Which version of Android? Acces to the full Google Android market? Was that a capacitive screen, wasn't sure how responsive it looked. Is it 3G?

    • Ken Liu

      2.2 Froyo, think it has full access to AM, capacitive touch. Looks very nifty, far more useful for my day to day work than my iPad but not as fun at home

  • facebook-673996084

    is there much Screen Glare?

  • Benny*

    why is is so stupidly expensive?

  • Ankajo


    My only question is do you have both version on test, 16GB and 32GB?

    Thank You.

  • jameshilton

    Is the one you have a pre production model? the back and sides look different to the pictures on the Samsung web site. im very tempted to get one of these, but i hear the HP Slate is making a return, i would prefer a windows 7 OS.

  • Andi Piftor

    How is the touch compared to iPad. Is it the same as on Galaxy S?

  • Boyers

    How long before the half-wits at Samsung resign or are forced out of their jobs because these morons promised the TAB would be affordable, but it is chronically over-priced?
    How many will they sell with its 'eye-watering price'

    How long before the moronic management of Samsung lose their jobs because of the dumb price?
    How many units do they expect to sell when you can buy a MUCH BETTER tablet for half the lunatic price these half-wits are asking?
    When will Samsung wake up?


  • Yalorainbow

    Can skype video calling be used on it?

    • bensillis

      Skype is no go as there's no video calling on the Skype Android app – Fring works though. Hope that helps!

  • Jorge Godinho

    Have you had hands on experience with the Galaxy tab's 'document editor' and spreadsheet? Can you actually get any work done more or less efficiently? How about editing documents that have complex formatting, footnotes, etc? How is the virtual keyboard with swype, does it make a difference or do you have to have the external keyboard ? How does it handle pdf documents? In general it would be interesting to hear on 'serious work' other than surfing, e-mail, facebook, fun and games. I assume transferring and synchronizing files and data with XP and Outlook should be straightforward.

    • bensillis

      Hey Jorge – we've answered most of your questions in our Galaxy Tab review In short, it's not really any more productive than a large Android phone, and anything you can do on them, you can do on this. Typing is reasonable, but Swype is actually much less useful on a larger screen.

  • Waterworksltd

    I have got the tab but i dont have the app on there for downloading movies! , which app do i nead & where can i get it from thanks

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