Yesterday the new MacBook Air submitted to our first impressions, and the scrutiny of our camera lens. This weekend we’ll be putting it through its paces proper, and finishing our MacBook Air review. Before we commit to a score though, we want to make sure we’ve answered your questions. So tell us, what do you want to know?

Click the Read More link below and drop us a comment, e-mail us at or send us a message through Twitter. We’re not fussy which you use, and we’ve got a quick MacBook Air unboxing video after the break too.

  • Ken

    What is the processing power like compared with the MacBook pro which is the same price?
    Like with every Mac sometimes there is a need for windows… Can you dual boot off the ssd?
    What size ssd would you have to get so that you could also run parallels and windows desktop?

  • Jay Mann2

    Hi Can you tell me if it real is worth me going out and getting a new macbook air or just go and get a ipad? Is the processor any good or just good for the job?

  • Simonj434

    Could it run xcode ok?

    • James Holland

      Yep – I'm tinkering with Xcode on it right now.

  • krushy

    Will the new air work with the external dvd drive (from the “old” air) ?

    • James Holland

      Yep – Apple still offers it as an accessory, and Remote Drive still lets you hook up to another Mac's DVD drive over a network too.

  • JJ

    how far does the screen open? the old MBA didnt open wide enough for me when used on a laptop stand

  • MBA

    If running Windows 7 bootcamp, would the battery last 5 hours and will the sleep/instant on functions work?

  • Vortexman

    What a nice, friendly and enthusiastic intro video. Was thinking of a Macbook Pro to replace a dying XP laptop and complement iMac. It would be 'lounge, bed and kitchen' surfer and toy as well as mobile photos, occasional video and Office document device. Will do that great I think with the instant on and lightness making it a better option than an iPad. Storage will be elsewhere so reckon can manage with 128GB.

    However, must be able to run Windows for the bit of software I need for NHS work. This uses remote servers, VPN access and smart card readers. Would probably upgrade to 4GB RAM but will Parallels etc all be ok?

    I am smitten as well and have not yet seen one in the flesh… :-)

    I will really need it to run

    • James Holland

      Glad you liked the video! I'm still tinkering, but it sounds like it'd be great for everything you need… although personally I'd say the thin design is almost wasted if you're not taking it out of the house. I'm away on a trip to Europe tomorrow, when I'm betting it'll really come into its own, but using it on the sofa / at my desk at home, it's roughly on par with my existing MacBook… which also has a DVD drive etc.

      Also, installing Windows is a little tricky without a DVD drive… although I haven't admitted defeat just yet…

  • MBA

    Can it run 64bit apps, performance in 64bit apps compared to MacBook Pro's.

  • MBA

    Read/Write speed of SD card reader? Is it fast enough to be used as an “external” hard disk? Practicality of usind SD card as an accessory storage?

  • Daren Rudd

    Would really like to know if it will be capable of running Parallels or Fusion in 13 inch 4GB form. Need to run MS Visio. Seen one in the flesh, want one but need to run Windows only software and Bootcamp isn't really on option for the way I'll be using it.

  • NRG

    Great intro, more precise than a previous question, what is the biggest SD card that the MBA supports and what spec is your one (2GB vs. 4GB and 1.8Ghz vs 2.1Ghz)?

  • Stefan

    my current macbook air goes really slow when it heats up, especially with multiple videos running/loading? it the new one any better at this?

  • Angelus Sullivan

    Where did you get those glasses? They're awesome.

  • JJ

    SSD speed tests? Realistic battery life?

  • Ken

    What happened to the review???

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