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The Samsung Galaxy Tab is going to cost upwards of £500. If you had your heart set on one, but are now getting that sinking feeling at the thought of splurging too much cash, you might want to pop down to Maplin and satisfy your Tab urges with the Maplin version, a fraction of the price at £150. Downside you say? Ah yes, there are quite a few of those…

For starters, the Maplin 7″ Android tablet is running Android Donut 1.6, which is the same Android OS that the HTC Tattoo and Xperia X10 are running, but on a bigger device. Are you cringing yet? No? Ok, well it also has a resisitive touchscreen, and a battery life of 3.5 hours. Ouch. This is very much like buying a cheap knock off with a spelling mistake in the brand name, apart from this is actually running Android.

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However, it’s not all bad news for those of you on the hunt for an Android Samsung Galaxy Tab knock off. There are some (very) minor factors in its favour. The screen has pretty decent resolution, at 480 x 800, and it has a USB port and Micro SD slot. It only comes with Wi-fi, but the USB port means you can get a dongle, right?

The Maplin 7″ tablet it will only support MP3 audio formats, and video support is limited to 3GP,MP4, and FLV, and while it does not have a camera, it does have a built in speaker and mic. So, while it might look like A Samsung Galaxy Tab, specs wise it’s a long way off. If the Tab is M&S, the Maplin 7″ tablet is Netto.

We’re getting the feeling this tablet might be a false economy, but what do you think? Are you tempted? £150 is cheap, even if you will only get 3.5 hours of use out of it before it conks out…

  • suridge

    now only 99.99

  • open 768

    Plenty of positivies, but shame it was android 1.6. A bit sluggish as compared to equivalently priced netbooks. works as a second device to take into the dangerous urban zones that the ipad shouldnt go.

  • Paresh K

    300mhz = fail!

  • Fgfgfg

    I work at Maplin and I've used this tablet a lot. It isn't too bad, but there are much, much better tablets out there. Its inconsistent menus are a very big letdown. For example, you can find Bluetooth and 3G settings in the Settings menu, when the tablet has no 3G or Bluetooth functionality whatsoever. It seems that the manufacturers have just slapped a stock Android ROM onto it without even bothering to modify it to reflect the functionality of the device. If you can get over this though, it's a pretty neat little web browsing device.

  • SU

    I actually bought one, and although it not comparable to an ipad, I was not going to spend £450plus on a gadget. Now I've tried one I will buy a more powerful one – out of the many that will come onto the market soon, but overall have been pleased with the Maplin model. Checking emails and going on the web are easy enough, and I've customised it with a few interesting apps, widgets and games. For the money it is fine!

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