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Ordered a Nokia N8, or even a Nokia C7? If you’re so keen on Symbian 3 you pre-ordered either handset, you’ll be pleased to know that a new must grab app awaits you in the Ovi Store right now: Swype. The revolutionary touchscreen keyboard that’s caused a stir on older Nokias and Android smartphones is now available on Espoo’s latest and greatest, and we’ve got all the details on it right here.

Nokia’s not quite starting from scratch with Symbian 3 in the same way Microsoft is with Windows Phone 7, but the Symbian S60 5th edition of Swype won’t work on forthcoming Symbian 3 phones. Luckily, Swype has been updated to take account of this, and will now work with the Nokia N8, C7 and presumably C6 and E7 in future too.

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In case you’ve not had a chance to try Swype, it’s a smart on screen QWERTY keyboard that you drag your finger over to spell out words, rather than tap at. Because its predictive algorithms are so smart, it can make typing an awful lot quicker, especially on traditionally less responsive resistive touchscreens.

All About Symbian has had a chance to check out Swype for the Nokia N8, and came away impressed. While there’s only a landscape keyboard so far, and as ever with Symbian, the keyboard takes up way too much of the screen, it’s still responsive, and custom words you add in are transferred to the dictionary of the phone’s regular keyboard too.

Swype for Symbian 3 is a 3.55MB free download from the Ovi Store, available right now. We’ll have a full review of the Nokia N8 itself later this week.

Out Now | £free | Ovi Store (Via All About Symbian)

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