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The best iPhone apps lurk in a jungle of fart programs and frankly bobbins bits of smartphone software sent to distract you from your true quest. But don’t worry because each month we’ll be giving you the heads up on the latest iTunes App Store inclusions to rise up out of the primordial slime and enter the species called best iPhone apps. Read on for this month’s glorious specimens…

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Me Want Bamboo
Canabalt, with its palette of blacks and greys, was the iTunes App Store’s hot scrolling platform game for ages but if you want to put your hipster glasses and turtleneck aside, Me Want Bamboo is a great replacement.

Taking on the role of a ravenous panda, you bounce from platform to platform in Me Want Bamboo trying to grab power-ups and avoid plunging to your death. It’s maddeningly addictive and, best of all, totally free. The graphics look glorious on the iPhone 4 and performance is fine on earlier iPhones (we also tested it on the iPhone 3G). Never mind angry birds, we’re all about hungry pandas.

Red Laser isn’t new, indeed, the barcode scanning app has been in the iTunes App Store for yonks, but a recent update has super-charged the eBay-owned app. New support for QR code scanning makes it a match for its Android equivalents and you can now see eBay listings for products you scan meaning a trip to the shops can turn into a money saving online jaunt. One of the best iPhone apps out there for those who like to scrimp and save. Which may not be that many if you’re happy to blow all your money on an iPhone instead of a cheap Pay As You Go phone, but you get where we’re going with this, try it already.

Cut The Rope
Om nom (and its meme variants) is one of those bits of Internet speak which should be banned by government order. People who use it should be gently guided into re-education camps where they can be given aversion therapy in front of vast Lolcat screens until the image of a cute kitten saying something off colour loses its power. And yet…we bloody love Om Nom, the little hungry alien hero of Cut The Rope.

Cut The Rope has the potential to wean Angry Birds fans off that addiction and on to a whole new obsession. The premise is that you cut a series of every more complicated ropes to drop a piece of candy into Om Nom’s mouth and collect stars as it falls. It gets progressively trickier and soon failing to get a three star performance will have you staring at your iPhone with mad intensity…or maybe that’s just us.

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Yahoo! Messenger
FaceTime is fine but only if the face you’re trying to have said time with an Apple fan. If you want to video chat with people who had the audacity to buy an Android phone, bind themselves to a Blackberry or heaven forbid, nab a Nokia, you’re out of luck when it comes to Apple’s protocol right now.

Yahoo! (remember them, they used to run a search engine or something) have a good solution. The app lets you make video calls to Yahoo Messenger mobile app users on other platforms as well as friends packing an iPhone 4 and video calls to people packing Yahoo! Messenger on their PC (sadly not the Mac though, which is a tad ironic).

The Incident
We’ve recommended three games this month in our best iPhone apps column, which could lead you to conclude that we spend our days glued to an iPhone screen, tapping away like a very gentle zombie obsessed with iPhones. You wouldn’t be far wrong. But The Incident is worthy of flagging up. It’s just had a great update which adds new modes to the already ace gameplay.

The Incident falls squarely into the peculiar iPhone game genre of “jump”. Your goal is to navigate your way up an ever growing heap of objects falling from the sky to find the source of the titular incident (that’s not as rude as it sounds). With 8-bit style graphics and a great soundtrack it’s a really well executed game. For those iTunes reviewers demanding a price drop to 59p, don’t forget, a lot of work has gone into this game. £1.19 is still less than a cup of coffee in most places. Perspective people!

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