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The first Google TV kit was outed by Logitech last week but now Sony has finally made the Sony Internet TV and Sony Internet Blu-ray player it teased back at IFA earlier this year. Read on to find out what we can expect from the Google TV-packing Sony set and its Internet-loving Blu-ray-playing pal…

The Sony Internet TV is hitting the US first but should hit Europe in early 2011. There’s four 1080p models with LED backlights promised with the Sony Internet TV ranging from a petite 26in to a hefty 46in model. With Google TV baked into them they’ll be able to hit the web and run apps while doing the traditional gogglebox tasks.

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Meanwhile the Sony Internet Blu-ray player arrives with the almost identical features and smarts as the Logitech Revue but includes the ability to spin Blu-ray discs as a welcome but pricey addendum.

It looks like that Sony Google TV remote we saw earlier this month was the real deal (since it popped up in an officially sanctioned documentary on a major US network we’re not surprised to be honest) but early hands-ons suggest it’s smaller than it looked in the snaps.

If you don’t want to use the button-covered Sony Google TV remote, you can also use your Android phone to control the Sony Internet TV and Sony Internet Blu-ray player. They’ll also play nice with the PS3 and come with Sony’s own video streaming service onboard as well as apps from Twitter and YouTube.

What local apps we’ll see when the Sony Internet TV hits the UK remain a mystery but we’ve got our fingers-crossed that the Sony’s Lovefilm streaming love in continues and the iPlayer swiftly makes an appearance.

US pricing is quite steep. The Sony Internet Blu-ray player will drop at $399 ($100 more than the Logitech Revue, showing you need to pony up for those Blu-ray skills). Meanwhile the Sony Internet TV will deliver you Google TV from $599.99 for the smallest 24in version up to $1399.99 for the monster 46in model.

The Sony Internet TV and Sony Internet Blu-ray player will hit stores in the US on 16 October. We’ll be chasing Sony and Google hard for more UK details soon.

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  • http://twitter.com/RossC0 Ross Lawley

    Do you reckon theres any chance of Google TV on the ps3? Or will I have to buy something else to plugin to my TV??

    • bensillis

      That's a very interesting question Ross. Part of me suspects not in the UK, and not for a while at least – Google must have a lot of content partnering to do.

    • dvs77

      I'm wondering whether an update to PlayTV would incorporate a Google TV function. I hope so!

  • Chris

    A gorgeous looking TV, almost like a long tablet / iPad. Would look great wall mounted but what's with the ugly remote! It's the most god awful looking remote I've ever seen, how about an iPhone app / mobile app so I can stick that ugly thing in a draw where it can never be seen again!

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