The Palm Pre 2 has broken cover thanks to some website bumbling by French carrier SFR. It bunged up what look like the basic Palm Pre 2 specs and a pair of Palm Pre 2 images. It says the new webOS phone is “flatter” and “more refined” than the Palm Pre. Sounds good to us…

The Palm Pre 2 specs look promising: it’ll come packing a 1GHz processor and 512MB or RAM. That’s a big jump from the original Palm Pre’s 600MHz processor and 256MB RAM and puts it in the same sort of territory as the iPhone 4. Of course, the big question will be: how good is webOS 2.0 and how sharp will its screen be?

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SFR claims that the Palm Pre 2 will deliver speedier loading times and feature better multitasking (seems likely given the processor boost). Besides hardware specs the SFR Palm Pre 2 listing talks up push notifications for Facebook, wall posts and other social media excitements.

Though we know new webOS 2.0 mobiles will be one of the fruits of the HP/Palm deal, we’re still not entirely sure what they’ll look like. We saw details of the mysterious touchscreen-only Palm Mansion last week but QWERTY lovers can sigh with relief – the Palm Pre 2 is proudly packing a hardware keyboard. It also has a cool codename: Roadrunner!

Let us know: do you like the sound of the Palm Pre 2? Are you waiting eagerly for a tasty new webOS device?

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  • Daymo

    Well I have an orginal Pre so I will wait to see what this one looks and feels like. the form factor or the pre is just right so any improvements will be welcomed. As long as the build quality it improved I will be happy to get one.

  • palm pre cases

    I am happy with Palm Pre and welcome new version :)

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