Should Cher have been kicked out or does she deserve a second chance? Why does Cheryl always get the girls? If these questions mean anything to you, then you’ll deffo be excited to hear about the official Nokia X Factor phone, which will be an exclusive for the Carphone Warehouse from tomorrow.

Nokia is leveraging the benefits of having the only official X Factor app by branding up the Nokia 5228 as an ‘Official X Factor phone’. What that means is that the phone has got the X Factor app preloaded on it, plus pictures, wallpapers and ringtones. Just like many an X Factor contestant, the X Factor phone also seems to have a higher level of self belief than is perhaps warranted, “boasting” as it does, a 2MP camera.

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Sadly, it does not come with a direct line to Cheryl; Louis Walsh, unless you’re in Ireland (only joking); or the lumpy-faced Mr Cowell, in case any of you were after a bit of X Factor themed masochism.

But as much as we point and scoff at marketing stunts like this, there are still on average 13.3 million viewers out there who tuned into the last series of X Factor every week, and are likely tuning in to this series as well. No matter what you think of the X Factor, Nokia is latching onto the zeitgeist by branding up a budget smartphone for the UK market. The X Factor phone is only £70 on PAYG, and will no doubt target a younger demographic in time for Christmas. On the part of Nokia, it’s a very shrewd move.

Out tomorrow | £70 on PAYG | Carphone Warehouse

What do you think? Do you know someone who would want the Nokia X Factor phone?

  • Ace

    “Nokia is leveraging the benefits”… Could you please explain us mere mortals what do you mean by saying “leveraging the benefits”? This duckspeak of people who do not have a clue what they are talking about, makes me sick.

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