Got loads of Facebook friends? Want to boast about that on your real walls instead of just your Facebook wall? Head to Printing Facebook. The project by artist Benjamin Lotan uses Facebook Connect to create a poster mosaic of all your friends profile pictures. Narcissistic? Probably. Cool? Certainly…

Printing Facebook generates a 20×40 poster of all your friends’ Facebook profile photos It’ll set you back $25 + shipping and sadly you can only nab one if you’re in the US right now. We reckon Lotan is missing out on a trick not sending Printing Facebook posters to the UK, so drop him a line and hopefully he’ll change his ways.

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We’re particularly taken with the option to choose a background colour for your Printing Facebook poster which includes two variants of Facebook blue as well as more standard white and black options.  It’s a smart way to make Facebook Photos useful in the real world.

Lotan has promised he’ll follow Printing Facebook with an option for printing your entire Tumblr blog. Do we smell a new trend for vanity publishing your online minutiae? We’ve got a Twitter novel just waiting to go to the presses…

Out now | $25 | Printing Facebook (via TechCrunch)

  • Jenniferlucyallan

    Because I never get around to having a proper Facebook cull, lots of the people I'm friends with are not people I want to pin up on my wall…

    • Mic Wright

      Exactly the issue I had with it. It’s the same thing with the Facebook suggestions: “Why don’t you poke Johnny McTosspot?” Well, because I really don’t like him.

    • StephenEbert

      Ha! Love it! But you're right about the need for a cull, but who am I going to stalk!

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